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Real Blender offers versatility in your Windows Forms applications that go beyond the boundaries of regular color picker components. You can set the limits to how many colors are allowed in a color gradient and where they can go. Full positioning as used by the .Net CLR and the complete ARGB (Alpha Red Green Blue) hexadecimal breakdown can be displayed using the ShowDetails property. Completely customisable.

Use the Solid checkbox to set the color to a solid, even color, without losing the number and positions in the Color Blend array.

As stated before, full alpha support is offered. We have never seen a similar component offer the alpha channel to users before. This is viewed best when the component is used in conjunction with our Real Label component, which offers true transparency as an integral feature.

When users click the "Click To Edit" color block, they get a variety of choices including full, seperate ARGB channels as well as text boxes to get that exact color they want.

Oh yes, and like we said, System colors are also supported, at the click of a button.
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Real Blender 1.02

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