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Recipe Builder is a recipe maintenance database with 12,000 free recipes in 15 Categories!

You can Create/Delete Categories.

You can Add and Delete recipes from any category.

You can revise any recipe any time you want!

You can Revise, Print, Delete, Search Recipes and much more!

You have complete control!

You can add recipes - one at a time to as many as you want at a time!

You can set Search to be specific or general!

If you want to print one, or many recipes, you can!

If you want to Back Up your recipes, you can!

You can Compare Recipes:

Recipe Builder has a Collect feature where you can store recipes as you browse different categories.

Find and Replace changes an entire Category of recipes to your own format.

If you prefer teaspoon over tsp. you can replace tsp. with teaspoon in an entire Category of recipes.

You can set the Font to the Size, Color and Type that YOU like!

You can change recipe backgrounds and borders.

You can personalize Recipe Builder to your own tastes!
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recipe builder 3.1

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