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RiccoVPN is a software that protects privacy while surfing the Internet. Privacy Scanner makes user activity on the Internet is safe maskowana.RiccoVPN PRO creates a virtual network adapter that handles all traffic encrypted, it has a different IP address, quite different from the facts. From the point of view of the network, you can appear in a different city, even another country. For example, using the IP address of the U.S., you can watch videos on Hulu.com or Netflix.com - normally not available to non-IP network USA.Rdzeniem RiccoVPN Privacy Protector PRO TM - a program to encrypt all network connections "on the fly" and fragmentującym all transmissions by dynamically allocated nodes, and then guided her to a place przeznaczeniaRiccoVPN Free version hides the real IP address of the user, encrypts the connection and allows anonymous browsing. In the free version of an encrypted network bandwidth is limited to 512kb / s The PRO version enables additionally circumvent locks GeoIP, a choice of international IP address from the list of countries, the ability to set the time automatically change your IP address, hide and encrypt access to private data on your computer (Encrypt), playing with friends in an encrypted virtual local area network and anonymous download files from P2P networks .
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RiccoVPN 1.2.60

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