Roadkil´s Audit 1.35


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Creates a database of computers on your network and their configurations. Allows you to track what applications are installed across your network for license auditing purposes. A great help for large networks trying to ensure they are legitimate. Audit also provides a great way of determining which computers in your network require hardware upgrades or software installations. Information provided by the program include hardware information such as disk size, free space, RAM, processor speed, monitor resolution, serial number and asset tag. Software information such as installed programs, operating system and version information are also provided. The program comes in two parts, the server section which recieves all the information from the clients on your network and also provides the database functions. A client application collects and sends the information to the server. The client can be run from the windows start up group, log in scripts or on demand.
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Roadkil´s Audit 1.35

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