robobasket personal edition 3.2.2


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RoboBasket is an automatic file sorter that can copy, move, rename and process files based on the user configured set of rules. You can choose to process files based on their date, size, extension, folder location, mp3 tags, file name and other properties and choose from action that include move, copy, rename, open, print and other file operations.

RoboBasket can monitor whatever folders (e.g. your desktop, your downloads) you choose and process the files in the folders automatically. You can save hours of time and keep your computer files organized quickly and painlessly.

Take a quick look of the following steps to see how RoboBasket can organize your files automatically

1.Configure your file management rules.

2.Choose folders which you need it to be organized automatically. (e.g. your Desktop, your Downloads) Automatically organize your files

3.Get your files organized automatically.
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robobasket personal edition 3.2.2

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