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RouteConverter is a free tool to convert and edit routes. It helps me and I hope it could help you.

RouteConverter Features:

* works without installation under FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows
* automatically detects the format of a file
* supports drag and drop
* offers a Google Maps- or OpenStreetMap map view onto the positions of routes, tracks and waypoints
* allows to modify positions in the map view
* offers an elevation profile
* supports multiple routes within Google Earth, GPX and Garmin MapSource files
* can split and join routes
* allows to select duplicate positions to remove them to abbreviate tracks
* allows to move one or more positions of the route to the top, to the bottom, upwards and downwards
* allows to complement positions with elevation and place name from and with the postal address from Google Maps
* calculates the length and duration of tracks and routes
* uses file and position names that suit to the display of the TomTom Rider
* uses file, route and position names that suit to the display of the Map&Guide Motorrad Tourenplaner
* remembers language, paths, window size and position
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routeconverter 2.0

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