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SCAN FS is a fast file locator and disk cataloging program. Features: Search in single directories or directory groups Search and replace in multiple files Supports simple or regular expressions for filenames and file contents Live preview of file contents, without the need to rescan the file system Live preview of images Windows Explorer integration Can become the default search engine. Can be launched using F3. Search using multiple file patterns Save/Load search criteria Full unicode support (filenames, file contents, search results, search and replace) Refine search mode (search within catalogs or existing results) Locate duplicate files Copy/Move/Delete/Rename files and/or directories Drag-drop support, e.g. drop files in explorer windows Copy file paths to clipboard Catalog cleanup (locates orphan files) Spawn mirror session (new session having same parameters as your current session) Compare 2 selected files using windows fc.exe or filepro.exe Locate a selected file in Windows Explorer Can be used as a visual replacement for the command-line grep command
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