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Do you ever find yourself forgetting your passwords or searching endlessly for that little piece of paper that you wrote them on? We have the solution: Secure Store 2.0 stores your passwords on your system using 128 bit encryption to ensure that you never forget a password again! This innovative program logs all of your passwords and conveniently organizes them by category.

* Auto fill feature allows you to login to your accounts with one click of a button.

* Stay organized with Secure Store! Categories help to keep all of your alike accounts and passwords together?banking accounts with banking passwords, e-mail accounts with e-mail passwords?choose from a list of pre-defined categories or customize your own!

128-bit encryption assures security in saving your passwords.

* Secure Store is a multi-user environment, which allows you and the rest of your family to store and protect all of your passwords separately. Each family member has the option of setting up a unique username and password, which keeps your own accounts and passwords private!

* Auto Updates allow you to download the newest version of Secure Store to assure that you have access to all of the latest updates.

* Forgot Password link ensures that you will never be locked out of Secure Store. An email will be sent to you with your password.

* Includes links to all of your frequently used websites.

* Windows XP style interface.
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Secure Store 2.0

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