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SendLater is free email scheduler software allowing you to handle your email correspondence in a timely manner. Your computer will never forget to send an important business or personal message. Prepare all your email notifications and reminders, greetings in advance and schedule their delivery. The program is easy to install and easy to handle. Each time you reply or create a new email message, you will be able to choose a particular time for your PC to send your message. Just click the "SendLater" icon on the toolbar and select the sending time using time-and-date selector. Your message will be scheduled for that time and saved in the "Send Later" folder. At any time, you can open the "Send Later" folder and edit, remove or send your messages manually. Use the "Re-send" button to resend emails automatically if reply wasn't received. Use SendLater Pro Edition to set up repetitive emails at comprehensive time intervals. Also attach documents to the scheduled delayed email with DocTrack feature. As long as your computer is online, your email will be sent automatically even Outlook is not running. SendLater Pro Edition features: - Repetitive emails at scheduled time intervals - Attach documents to the scheduled delayed email. They will be sent automatically as soon as they are modified - Link a file or folder to a delayed email message to send the most recent file/folder version - Delayed email messages will be sent automatically - Use Send Now feature to send email messages from mail to links - Send a delayed group message as a single email to all recipients - Send personally to a single recipient of a group message - Split large recipient lists into smaller group - Repeat your emails until a response is received - Keep track of the automatic emails sent SendLater examples of use: - No more reminders needed. Schedule repetitive emails at comprehensive intervals - Monthly billing notifications - Direct marketing letters and reports
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Send Later for Outlook

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