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The Sentry-go Quick SQL Server Monitor allows you to easily monitor your Microsoft SQL servers as well as the supporting database environment. SQL monitoring features include the status key SQL server services, SQL locking/blocking & errors written to the SQL server log files. Other monitoring features include the status of other Windows services, server & software performance as well as ensuring sufficient disk space is available, monitoring errors written to the Windows Event Logs as well as errors written to custom log files. In response to errors, automatic responses can be taken and/or alerts triggered before end users are affected. For example, recording locking information (including offending SQL), automatically terminating the blocking, or blocked process. Client tools provide easy access to monitored information while the integrated web server provides direct access to monitored information from your web browser without the need for additional software. Built-in links also provide access to answers to detected problems via the Sentry-go Solutions web site, while wizards & 'Show Me' links help you configure and maintain your system. Sentry-go is designed to be quick & simple to use. It is fully compatible with Sentry-go Plus! monitoring components & can therefore adapt to provide other monitoring as your needs change. From individual servers to larger scale monitoring & reporting with the Enterprise Option, Sentry-go is a very affordable solution that doesn't compromise on features or future expandability. See for yourself with our free 21 day evaluation.
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Sentry-go Quick SQL Server Monitor

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