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Snappy is a free program designed to take screenshots. It is characterized by speed image capture and easy to use user interface. The application also has the basic tools and filters for editing captured screenshot. These include, inter alia, the ability to change the level of sharpness, color, brightness and contrast. With the program you can capture images using a combination of keys or from the same application. Snappy allows you to take a snapshot of the entire desktop screen, active window or a user-specified portion of the screen. In addition, the website allows you to capture and convert graphic format: BMP, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and XML. The program is equipped with a handy magnifying glass designed for the visually impaired and features for print and electronically transfer the captured screenshot. There were in it a simple drawing tools (line, rectangle, ellipse), as creating and modifying PDF files.
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Snappy 1.5.4

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