Sony Ericsson SendFile 1.0



Very easy to use software to transfer files from your computer to your phone. The program allows you to manually select the COM port through which you can join. It does not have extensive options, and its main function is to transfer files. With the Sony Ericsson SendFile can send: - MP3 files (*. Mp3) - graphic in GIF and JPG - E-Melody (*. Emy), I-Melody (*. Imy) and MIDI (*. Mid) - vNotes and vToDo - Themes (*. thm) - All other files are compatible with your phone. The program was tested with SonyEricsson T68i, K700i. The connection can be achieved in 3 ways: Irda / Bluetooth / USB cable or PC.
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Sony Ericsson SendFile 1.0

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