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Standalone Flash Player is a free stand-alone Flash files player, it can play ShockWave Flash (.swf) and Flash Video (.flv), it based on Adobe Flash Player objects, but users don’t need install Adobe Flash Player before, users can find more features on, it support full screen mode, it is simple and easy to use, one absolutely stand-alone and free software. Features: Absolutely free Support plays ShockWave Flash (.swf) Support plays Flash Video (.flv) No need install Macromedia Flash Player Stand-alone software Support full screen mode Small, simple and easy to use
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Flash Player in Windows8 beta
"Unfortunately my pc encountered a problem, for its flash player does not work although the macromedia folder with the flash files is present. neither the uninstall nor the install programs work. anyone can help me in this please?..."
Flash player does not work on Metro IE 10
"Hi, Have you ever experienced any issue of IE 10 metro style? Can you visit by metro IE 10? When I went to a website ( The video player in the middle left of the screen gives me an adobe flash player error.... It tell..."
Battlefield 3
"Hi all, Battlefield 3 browser plug not working with IE 10 but it is working with Opera. I think flash player is no aviable for that browser plug in please help this. Thanks...."


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Standalone Flash Player 1.2

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