SUAVE: Sport-Utility Assault Vehicle Extreme 2.0



SUAVE: Sport-Utility Assault Vehicle Extreme is a free shooting game, which allows us to sit at the controls of a small tank, moving the dangerous areas of the maze. Reside in the recesses of enemy vehicles, whose sole purpose is to turn to dust Player vehicle. In order for this to not happen, we have to finish the next opponents using different weapons, found a while adventuring. Our main task will be to try to find the door and get out of the maze. Once we do that, we are moved to oil the board and start playing again. During the game, remember a few things, and so our tank can only use one type of weapon, some doors open with the key that you first need to find, each new board is more difficult than its predecessor.      Minimum requirements:  Processor: 500 MHz  RAM: No data  Graphics Card: Compatible with DX 7  Free hard disk space: Not available  Sound Card: No data
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SUAVE: Sport-Utility Assault Vehicle Extreme 2.0

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