Sub Zero Conditions



Sub Zero Conditions is a very playable action game, moving popular in recent times about the living dead. For a fun time take control alone wandering man whose goal is to survive in a city overrun by zombies. Fun starts in the building, the hall where we find a metal pipe. It will be the first to defend, assist us in the fight against nasty umarlakami. The first one you come across in a while after leaving the building and another encounter in the course of further hikes. Then we will be better weapons (pistols, shotguns, machine guns) and complementary medicine cabinet vital energy. Use of firearms, ammunition, be sure that stocks decline with each shot. We complement it by raising another specimen of this kind of party poppers. Giwery usually lie near the torn, blood flooded the bodies of dead people. Sub Zero Conditions is a game based on pure action and its gameplay makes it easy to return to daily activities. Orava graphics, make imperfect impression, but in its own way can be enjoyed. Great looks and the background music, which is gaining momentum in wakli. Minimum requirements: Processor: Unknown Memory: Unknown Video card: No Data Available disk space: Unknown card: No data
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Sub Zero Conditions

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