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SX System Suite is a complete set of tools to monitor and detect various pests that remain in the operating system. With their help we can carry out in-depth analysis of the operating system for viruses and malware. In addition, the monitor all active processes running in the background of the system, detect and remove spyware DLL identify malicious software in services (Services), and check all downloaded data from the internet. The package SX System Suite consists of the following components: Exe Scan - a free tool to detect abnormalities in the EXE file. It scans the file and check / verify their total control. Spy DLL Remover - a specialized tool for detecting spyware and rootkits application in hidden DLL files. Spy BHO Remover - is an advanced application to detect and remove malicious BHO (Browser Helper Objects), which are known as a plug made for different web browsers. Proc Net Monitor - Free software to monitor and analyze network traffic (monitor active processes sending and receiving data from the network). Stream Armor - detects hidden Alternate Data Streams ADS and removes them from the operating system Show Windows - is a useful tool to manage all processes running in the system (command line). VirusTotal Scanner - a free virus scanner designed to quickly scan files on the hard disk. The program works with Internet service that accurately analyzes suspicious files and detects these various threats from the network. Download Hash Verifier - a free tool to verify the integrity of the downloaded file from the Internet. Win Advanced Service Manager - a specialized tool to perform intelligent analysis of system services in Windows. Detects and removes pests and rootkits.
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SX System Suite 2.0

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