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System Shield is a powerful security suite computer from hackers, data theft and malware. System Shield effectively eliminate pests and protect your system from being infected by a virus, worm, Trojan or other malicious applications infitrujące our private data. Software reliably protects our private files, documents and protects our bank accounts or other accounts that log on the website. System Shield protects against emerging viruses that use shapeshifting techniques in order to circumvent the anti-virus software. Handles the detection and removal of backdoors, adware, keyloggers and even botnets. According to the manufacturer, the program detects more than two million different viruses and other threats from the network. System Shield uses different scan engines. These include, inter alia, the antivirus module for real-time scanning and detection of viruses and other malware. Interestingly presents AntiSpyware, which is activated after the installation of the entire package. It collects important data of all users (bank accounts, documents, passwords, and even credit card information. Then protects against spyware applications that cause conflicts and errors in the operating system. Worth a few words to say about the two technologies - HyperScan and Sentient. First of these provides additional protection for your computer and eliminates any threat from the outside in real time. second hand, is based on heuristic techniques, in order to facilitate and accelerate the identification and neutralization of malware.
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System Shield 4.2.11

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