Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0



Thoosje Vista Sidebar is an overlay that adds to Windows XP sidebar where you can put a number of useful and interesting-looking gadgets. The tool can also be used as a replacement for Microsoft's Sidebar (for Windows Vista), because it has just as much functionality at a much lower memory usage komputera.Aplikacja is part of the package of Vista Transformation Pack allows resemble the appearance of a Windows 2003 or Windows XP to Windows Vista. The program offers the possibility of placing such gadgets as Internet search, photo gallery, RSS reader, clock, memory, CPU load information, links and calculator ..
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windows 8 transformation for vista
"I am still using Windows Vista, cause my built-in OS is Windows Vista for my laptop. I don't want to purchase another system. But After checked the interface of Windows 8, I really LIKE it! So I am wondering where can I download the theme pakcage ..."


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Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0

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