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UpdateStar Freeware Edition is an application to manage all programs installed on Windows. It is characterized by an easy to use interface, modeled after Microsoft Word text editor. With this software, you can search for new versions of the applications that are installed on your hard drive. In this way, keep order and we will always be up to date with the latest updates to the software. UpdateStar Freeware Edition is available for free and has almost all the features, but is limited in its ability to download new programs. The program displays the number of installed applications and the date of the last scan your system and find in it a clear list containing the names of all of your Windows applications. We can read the name of the program, the security level, the numbers of the installed version and the current that is available for download. In addition, if you have a commercial version of the program that can be directly downloaded from the newer version of the application. There were in it with the service for cleaning unused entries in the system registry.
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UpdateStar 9.0.1158

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