Veox Projekt Professionell 4.07


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Veox.Projekt is a fully network compatible project and business management software that can be used by anyone who needs an efficient project organisation tool based on the concept of an in-depth cross-referencing system.

Veox.Projekt starts where the most other Project management Software stop - with the structuring, organising and recording of your projects and business related data e.g. Main Project details, Contacts/Addresses, Employees, Document Management, Tasks, Project Time Tracking, Additional Notes, and much more - easily accessible and fast to find by easy usability.

Key Features:

- Project/Client related business data

- Projects and Tasks Planning

- Client Contacts & Addresses Recording

- Time Tracking

- Human Resources Management

- Workflow & Efficiency Management

- In-depth Cross-Referencing System

The program is very easy to learn and flexible to use, even for users without training in project management.
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Veox Projekt Professionell 4.07

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