VP Rental Manager 30 3.0


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Comprehensive short-term rental management package designed specifically for the cottage and vacation property owner. VPRM 3.0 assists in managing inquiries and reservations for up to 12 properties. Covers most aspects of the rental activity in all major currencies. Create correspondence documents and rental agreements in seconds. Enter bookings and inquiries in a timeline-style calendar preventing overlapping reservation. Export data to HTML tables for quick loading in Excel or other accounting software. Features an intuitive and visual reservation system that generates correspondences and HTML agreements in seconds. Complete bilingual agreement and correspondence templates included. Create reservation # on the fly and register bookings years ahead. The demo version is 100% functional with a limit of 25 rental agreements or client entries. Download Vacation Property Rental Manager V3.0 now and start managing your vacation property rental the easy way!
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VP Rental Manager 30 3.0

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