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A few days ago, I came across a program which allows one to watch various streaming TV channels from around the world. Unfortunately, this program is ugly and obtrusive. So, I decided to make a better version. Watch TV does precisely the same thing as this other program does, that is access the live streaming video from various TV stations and display them in a WMP object. What Watch TV DOESN´T do is phone home about it every time the users watches a channel, and its interface is a lot less spammy (IMHO).
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No Video or Sound when watching a video
"Hi all, Every time I try to play a game or watch a video my computer freezes up. And there is no sound coming from my computer. Does anyone know what could be the problem. Tried troubleshooting but everything comes up as being OK. FYI: I am runnin..."


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Watch TV 0.71 Beta

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