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WebSite X5 is a truly unique tool with which you change your dreams into reality your own site. It consists of specialized tools to create professional websites with all the attractive visual elements, which are seen on the best sites on the Internet. The beauty of WebSite X5 is that they do not have to waste time learning a complicated program - just 5 steps. Each stage is designed so as to give the best results with the least effort. With WebSite X5, you do not have to pay the developers site. He can be an expert! 1 Select Design graficznyDecydując the appearance of the graphical site, you are at the disposal of more than 500 ready-made templates and image, so there is plenty to choose from. Each pattern has been professionally designed. You can easily modify it to get a unique look to your website. You do not need to be familiar with the graphic design of the site. 2 Define the structure witrynyWebSite X5 can handle it all - from simple to complex single-page sites with hundreds of specialized sites. Clever tools to create a site map helps you to determine its internal organization. Pages on similar subjects in the group the four levels, which will be automatically converted to the site menu. 3 Fill each page treściąWebSite X5 is equipped with a unique insertion content pages. On the palette objects are intelligent tools for placing on the elements of each type - text, images, animations, videos, slideshows and much more. In the page layout divided into the areas where you drag objects from a palette of choice. Just click the mouse a few times to get even quite sophisticated layout. 4 Specify the settings for each page of your site zaawansowaneGdy are already filled with content, it's time for the final touches. In the advanced settings you can improve the appearance of text and menus, so that visitors your site easier to navigate. WebSite X5 gives you the opportunity to open the site to visitors from all over the world by putting the pre-selection of the display language of your website. 5 Put the site in InternecieOstatnim stage when the site is ready, is to put it on the Internet. If you have space on a web server, publish your website using built-in FTP is child's play. But that's not all. Whenever you want to update your site (for example, to insert new messages), WebSite X5 server sends only the modified pages.
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when open a site with internet explorer shows that operation aborted???
"When i am trying to open a site using internet explorer, it shows that operation aborted. have similar experienced with windows 8? how to fix it? any suggestion would be appriciated...."


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WebSite X5 Compact v8.0.11

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