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WebSite X5 Evolution is made up of specialized tools to create professional websites with all the attractive visual elements, which are seen on the best sites on the Internet. WebSite X5 operates on a wizard that guides you through the steps to create and publish the whole, working, professional looking and working website. Using it does not require any programming knowledge. The program provides tools for the five easy steps to build and publish a professional website with online store and blogiem.Wzorce sites of WebSite x5 provide ready graphic design - the user just has to drag and drop to place different objects on the pages built site. With a palette of objects that are inserted on each side, creating a professional website can no longer be łatwiejsze.WebSite X5 is equipped with a range of great tools such as built-in image editor, so that you do not need to use external programs. The automatic image compression, insert pictures and graphics are customized for the Internet - no need to optimize their own. WebSite X5 is perfect for building private witryn.WebSite X5 generates the code that connects to the server, and Internet service providers rapidly update the site. One advantage of this is that you, intending to build a web site does not have any experience either in website development or programming. Being experienced users also have the opportunity to use their skills. At the end of yet another important differentiator of WebSite X5: it allows to publish the finished project on the Internet without having to use an external program support FTP (File Transfer Protocol). What's new in version 9? - Completely rebuilt user interface, - Renovated galleries of 1,500 wzoracami, - Improved options for creating individual patterns, - Fixed word patterns, - New look sitemap trees, - The introduction of an unlimited number of pages and levels, - Improved page layout tables, - The introduction of innovative solutions for emerging cell - New gallery Flash / JavaScript - New Media Player for objects such as video / audio, - A new collection of gadgets - Comprehensive management of advertising - Increased personalizations blogs - A new way to manage user access - Improved options for online sales - Improved built-in FTP - Added support for multi-threading, - Indexing of images and video clips, - Integration with Google tools.
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WebSite X5 Evolution

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