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WebsitePainter is a simple editor for creating professional websites. The application has a friendly interface and simple to use. In addition, the user can create a powerful website without HTML knowledge and programming. The program will find hundreds of useful templates and various graphic elements by which is easier and faster to create professional web site. These include, inter alia, buttons, effects, frames, gradients, and convenient CSS editors and HTML elements. WebsitePainter Editor supports all major standards, including, inter alia, CSS, PHP, ASP, HTML and JavaScript. Of course, the program does not run out of the HTML editor where you can create your page, but it requires a basic knowledge of code and programming. The program is so friendly and easy to use that all the graphic elements can be easily moved and put on the website. After designing the site, WebsitePainter automatically generate the code, which then can be used for other purposes or to post on a server. WebsitePainter Editor is available in the trial version and allows for 30 days of free use.
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WebsitePainter 2.1.1

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