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Win Toolkit is a free software that allows you to create your own copy of Windows Installer. The program is lightweight and easy to use and does not require installation on your hard drive. In this case, can be run from portable storage media - flash drive or memory card. The program allows you to create Windows Installer and adjust it almost all the important aspects. Starting with the appearance of the installation, integration accessories, applications, drivers, themes, graphics, language files, and ending with the addition of a variety of necessary updates and security patches. Win Toolkit is equipped with a tool all-in-Once Integrator allows you to adjust the most important and fundamental aspects of the Windows installer and save it to disk in the form of an ISO file. Other features of the program is to create automated installer, edit, and modify the registry, conversational MSU to CAB, removing and adding the selected components and applications (Windows Media Player, and web browsers) and can be combined and split disc images.
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Win Toolkit

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