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Word Viewer allows you to view, print and copy Word documents, even if you do not have Word. Word Viewer Package format compatibility with Microsoft Office files that you can open Word documents saved in the following formats: Word Document (. Docx) Macro-Enabled Document Word (. Docm) Rich Text Format (. Rtf) Text (. Txt) Web Page formats (. Htm,. Html,. Mht. Mhtml) WordPerfect 5.x (. Wpd) WordPerfect 6.x (. Doc,. Wpd) Works 6.0 (. Wps) Works 7.0 (. Wps) XML (. Xml)  With Word Viewer compliance with Package can view, print, and copy document contents to another program. But you can not edit, open, save, or create new documents.
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Word Viewer

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