Wyzo is an application that is based on the code of the popular Firefox. The program has a number of enhancements that support downloading files from the Internet. Wyzo comes in addition FireTorrent that allows you to download torrent files in the same way as all the other files. In addition integrated FireDownload extension that acts as a download accelerator - the download is divided into sections. According to the manufacturer this way you can get a transfer up to 10 times faster than standard download. Wyzo from the standard Firefox also differs appearance, Radical Software has prepared a special zest. The application is enabled by default and add CoolIris minimize the browser plug-in that causes the belt tray.
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where can I download Windows 8?
"Hello guys, where can I downlaod Windows 8? the Windows 8 Download link doesn't work. many people said they have installed windows 8 and enocuntered many problems, can you tell me where to download Windows 8? many thanks in advance...."


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