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XVid ;-) is a video player. When watching movies on your PC, stored in different formats of Windows, such as: avi, mpeg, asf, etc. ... and especially to play DivX video compression codecs (MPEG-4). The basic features of the program: * intuitive and easy user interface * display video in a window and full screen, zoom in the video window * list of recently opened files with the ability to add and delete items and to find and add to the list of supported files in the given folder * automatic playback by Cell * Automatic retrieval of information about video files to the playlist * Automatic loading of text files with subtitles in MicroDVD format TMP directory contained in the file to open the film, or the current directory * additional support for skins * display subtitles transparent and frames with low CPU load * the long line text, centering subtitles, subtitles time shifting * Support program from the command line * Keyboard Controls * Control via the controller (joystick, gamepad, etc ...) * external control another program
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XVid ;-) 2.2

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