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YYYYMMDD, YYMMDD and HHMM command line utilities to let you display the current date with 4 or 2-digit years and the 24-hour local time without AM/PM. These command embedded in a BAT file. Often the date and time are piped to a log file. The program run in BAT files or the DOS compatibility command. YYYYMMDD - gives 2000-12-31 YYYYMMDD none gives 20001231 YYYYMMDD space gives 2000 12 31 YYYYMMDD . gives 2000.12.31 YYYYMMDD gives 2000/12/31 You can pipe the result into files: YYYYMMDD.com >> MyFile.Txt For actual DOS, use the *.COM versions. For windows use the *.exe versions. If you wanted a 2-digit year: yy-mm-dd format, on the command line, or in a bat file type: YYMMDD - gives 00-12-31 YYMMDD none gives 001231 YYMMDD space gives 00 12 31 YYMMDD . gives 00.12.31 YYMMDD / gives 00/12/31 YYMMDD gives 00-12-31 You can pipe the result into files: YYMMDD.com >> MyFile.Txt If you wanted 24-hour time: hh:mm format, on the command line, or in a bat file type: HHMM : gives 23:59 HHMM - gives 23-59 HHMM none gives 2359 HHMM space gives 23 59 HHMM . gives 23.59 HHMM gives 23:59
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