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ZippyLock is a free, small and extremely easy to use password manager with unique anti-key-logger, Triple-DES encryption, smart search combo box, inactivity lock, geometric login delay against dictionary attacks, and more. Features: CAPTCHA-defense-wall against dictionary attacks. Anti-key-logger agent to prevent key loggers recording your key strokes Anti-clipboard-logger agent to prevent clipboard loggers recording your clipboard transfers Manage private files with single menu option (File/New) Add, Edit, Delete password entries from main form Google-like search box, memorising your previous search entries Attach notes Export to CSV Minimise into System Tray for ease of use Manual Lock, Unlock, Exit from System Tray Lock after inactivity. Added inactivity timeout into Tools/Options menu Delay between unsuccessful MASTER PASSWORD logins to discourage dictionary attacks Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Note from FreewareFiles: The developer requires you to register with them before downloading. The download link provided will redirect you to their site. Registration is free.
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Auto Lock after Login
"Hi guys, i have upgraded to windows 8 beta 64 bit about 3-4 weeks ago and loving it so much because it coems up with sleek and quick operation. Is there a command that I can put into the "startup" folder that will allow me to log into the com..."


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ZippyLock 2.0.0

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